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The installation process is very simple. Just start setup.exe. If you have got a installation setup without documentation the installation wizard will not ask you questions at all. If you have a setup.exe containing documentation you will be asked for a directory to install the documentation in. The installation wizard will perform the following actions:

  • Copy SchedSvc.exe, SchedCpl.cpl, msvcrt.dll (if newer than existant) and SchedCpl.ico to your SYSTEM32 directory.
  • Install the service SchedSvc by executing "schedsvc -i".
  • (Optionally) Start the service SchedSvc by executing "schedsvc -s".
  • (Optionally) Copy the installation to the directory you have choosen.
  • Creates a registry key HKLM/Software/OGroeger/SchedSvc.
  • Register the deinstallation program.