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Administration using SchedCpl

Once you have installed the service control panel SchedCpl, you will find an item "Calimah Scheduler" inside your service control as seen below.

Double click to open SchedCpl. You will see a dialog to administrate your tasks. You can create new tasks, edit tasks and delete tasks.

When you open the service control the first time, you don't have any tasks. To create one, write its name in the edit field in the "New Task" area and click the "New" button.

After you created a task, you can edit its properties. Enter the interval length and the name of the process to start. This can be any executable. You can set a start delay. This is useful if you create tasks with identical period length. If you give each of them a different start delay, they will not start at same time. The button to the right of the process edit input offers the possibility to select the process with the help of an file open dialog.
If you enter "0" as interval length, the process will not be started periodically. Instead, this will be a keep alive process. The service SchedSvc will start this process and monitor it. As soon as the process will be finished or finishes itself, SchedSvc will immediatly restart this process.

The combobox containing the tasks name, is editable. Change the name and push "Apply" to rename a task.

To delete a task, simply choose the task from the combobox in the "Delete Task" area and push "Delete".

Manual Administration

To add tasks manually,

  • open an registry editor and create a key with your new tasks name beneath HKLM/Software/OGroeger/SchedSvc.
  • Inside this key create a value with name ExecutablePath" and type REG_SZ.
  • Enter the executable you want to be started.
  • Create another value with name IntervalInMs and type "DWORD".
  • Enter the interval length in milliseconds.
  • (Optional) Create another value with name StartDelayInMs and type "DWORD".
  • Enter the start delay in milliseconds.

Administrating the service

The administration of SchedSvc is as of any other service. Open your system control, then "Administrative Tools" and then Services. You will see an item "Calimah Scheduler". Change its properties as usual.